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Leading OEM of vehicle infotainment and AV / entertainment products

Company Profile

JOIN LINK International Technology Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2003,

Join Link focuses on the development of the automotive electronics industry. In the early stage, the audio-visual entertainment system was the main product. In recent years, due to the popularization of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), the company has developed in-depth development of audio-visual entertainment system products such as DVR, 360-degree surround view system, digital cluster, smart cockpit, multi-functional AV system... etc., and actively expand Taiwan's domestic brands and Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States... and other customer segments to create value and competitiveness for customers.


Due to the particularity of the automotive electronics industry, enterprises need long-term continuous investment. In addition to continuously developing new technologies and R&D talents, Join Link also develops in the direction of smart manufacturing in production site, imporove quality system to achieve the best product quality for OEM customers.


Milestones of company development

Development Course and Current Situation

Capital AMT

USD 20.6M

HQ Staff

130+ staff

China MFG Site

55+ staff

China R&D Centre

30+ staff


latest news


2023/04/12 ~ 2023/04/15

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