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PVM surround view video assist system

Through the four ultra-wide-angle cameras installed in the front, rear, left and right rearview mirrors of the vehicle,

Perceive the surrounding environment of the vehicle, and realize the panoramic bird's-eye view through the virtual scene projection reconstruction technology.

Product Features

Front and rear 2D&3D views and ultra-wide-angle views, forward/reverse views, left and right 3D views... and other virtual perspective images provide the driver with a full range of vehicle peripheral image information, eliminating the traditional driver's visual blind spots and making driving easier Safety.


2D PVM basic functions

  • 360-degree panoramic bird's-eye view

  • The screen display on both sides of the vehicle body

  • Single-lens images can be displayed in full screen

  • ​ Front and rear wide viewing angle display

3D PVM basic functions

Integration of PVM with original vehicle radar system

  • Status Display

  • 3D viewing angle + radar alarm on the left and right sides of the car body

  • match radar
    (Speed <12km/h​) Surrounding obstacle warning

Integration of PVM with original vehicle system

  • Combined with the steering wheel to realize dynamic vehicle auxiliary lines

  • 結合車速實現車速低於20Km/h時PVM畫面開啟          

  • The 3D surround view imaging system starts synchronously with the start of the vehicle

  • Switchable 2D and 3D modes

  • 3D or 2D car body perspective images can be switched by the PVM switch or the original car screen

  • ​Automatically display left and right side screens within 10 seconds after parking and turning off the engine

PVM product extensions

  • Pedestrian Movement Monitoring

  • Blind spot active monitoring

  • Reverse side rear warning

  • car ahead reminder

  • ​lane departure warning

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pedestrian movement monitoring

Equipped with a high-definition camera, it can intelligently detect pedestrians or cyclists in front, side and rear of the vehicle in real time, and actively warn the driver of potential dangers to avoid collisions and accidents caused by blind spots.


Blind spot active monitoring

Equipped with a high-definition camera, it can detect blind spots intelligently in real time, and can actively warn and remind when the vehicle is driving, make a pre-judgment of danger, and actively send out voice alarm prompts or light signal prompts before danger occurs.


Reverse side rear warning

When the vehicle is reversing, the system actively detects the situation behind the left and right sides of the vehicle. If the alarm system on the reversing side judges that other vehicles approaching behind may collide with the vehicle, the alarm system on the reversing side will send out an alarm prompt to remind the driver to reduce the risk of collision. possibility.


car ahead reminder

In congested road sections or waiting for traffic lights at intersections, when the vehicle in front has already started and the driver does not respond accordingly, the system will automatically remind the driver to start the vehicle, avoiding the urging of vehicles behind to improve road traffic efficiency.


Lane Departure Warning

The function of the lane departure warning is to issue an alarm reminder before the lane departure when the driver deviates from the original lane unconsciously (the driver does not turn on the turn signal), providing the driver with more reaction time and greatly reducing collisions caused by lane departure .

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